Television Networks

Hotel and Apartment TV Network Specialists

AWS specialise in the repair, installation and adaptation of communal satellite and aerial systems in hotels and apartments. We have engineers available to repair and replace faulty equipment on your networks.

TV Systems for Hotels, Satellite Mains Antennae TV SMATV/MATV

Partnering with hotels and apartment blocks across the country, we work hard to make sure the aerial or satellite and the wiring and networking behind the TV itself are working correctly to transmit your chosen entertainment package to your customer’s room. Whether you have a single issue affecting only one of your televisions or a system-wide problem, we will help diagnose and repair it quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

Internet through existing TV cables

We are able to adapt your existing TV coaxial cabled networks to carry data to your rooms by (DOCSIS)Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification or Ethernet over Coax (EoC).

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TV Systems for Apartment blocks and flats, Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

Install or upgrade TV networks in apartment blocks to offer terrestrial and satellite TV, we can upgrade existing networks to be Sky Q compatible.

Service and Maintenance

To minimise signal interruptions we can also offer regular testing and examinations, giving you the peace of mind you need to make sure your customers can rely on the entertainment options you provide. Due to the placement of television aerials and satellites, they can be prone to damage through our extremes in weather conditions. High winds, storms and heat waves can mean that your external equipment will need adjusting from time to time.

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Repairs and installation

Get in touch for repairs and installations of all types of aerial systems, satellite connections and networks from Freeview, Free Sat, Sky TV. Digital TV, IRS and SMATV. We know that interruption to TV reception in your hotel rooms or accommodation can impact your bookings, so we offer a fast, efficient service to help you gain back service as soon as possible.